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Use Self-Service Portal for contacts to login and update their preferences - campaigns,phone,address

I'm looking for the cheapest way for contacts to login and update their campaign memberships and address, phone etc..... Seems clicktools can update SF records directly via a link clicked after recieving email I send but it doesnt give the user ability to authenticate and login whenever they want to update preferences (Standard and custom objects). Any way to use the Self-Service portal and when a user logs in it immedaitely takes them to a update preferences profile page? Just wondering if thats only availble in Customer Portal and not SSP. Open to any and all ideas to accomplish this bottleneck of contacts authenticating and updating their preferences. Any help would be SO appreciated.
This functionality is only available in the Customer Portal.

I'm wondering if there are custom solutions or workarounds that will allow me to achieve my goal of user log in to update preferences or if the only thing available is the Customer Portal and I have no other options.. Thoughts? Ideas?

Well, you could build your own site in PHP that dips into Salesforce.com data using the API, for example.  But that's about all I can think of.

If you want to go down an open source road, I believe the Content Management Systems Drupal and Plone both have some Salesforce integration features out there that might enable you to do this.  I don't know how rich the feature set is, etc.  I think you're modifying Contact information and not Campaign information.   To a certain extent this is runing your own portal as you'll have to maintain a website, mysql database, etc. for the CMS systems.


I keep threatening to do one for Joomla but haven't had the free time yet.


Don't know if this was the direction you were thinking of.   Best, Steve.

This sounds similar to something I want to do. The initial request is to allow contacts to register to be on an emailing list for a product. I will look into the Drupal and Plone, thanks.

After looking around I found on the appexchange Linvio.... It requires an external PHP server but is only $950 a year for unlimited. It leverages single sign on services so you are not charged on a per login basis to the customer portal. It also has its own authentication menchanism so users can log in. Check the demo out on the appexchange. I dont like that it requires one to provide a server as this defeats the concept of cloud computing but it does look promising at first glance. I hope this year more force.com sites will provide appexchange additions and templates for social networking and engaging online.


Maybe these solutions are more robust than I need. Essentially I want contacts to be able to update their designation as members of a mailing list.

Is there a simpler solution? I am not interested in sharing other data from SF with contacts.

you can use clicktools on the appexchange to create forms that auto populate from existing contact data. you email the contacts the form and they update it... this could be ideal for updating contacts campaign membership. Only thing it doesnt have is allowing users to login anytime they want to update their profile. If you tandem linvio and create landing pages with clicktools, that would work.... but yes..a little technical and there should be a better way. Can you say Winter '12? lol, I wwonder if this is somewhere on the idea exchange..

Right, clicktools. At my old company we were moving over to that, but then I left before we implemented.


Will have to get more info about what kind of interaction we'll want with the new project - a one time mailing? constantly available forms for sign-up? 


Hey Steve,


If you ever build salesforce.com stuff for Joomla I would love to hear about it.