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New Case Comment & New Email "Indicator" Fields

Hello All,

I want to setup "indicator" fields on the Case object that indicate NEW Case Comments or Emails exist on a Case. The idea is that when a support rep clicks on the Cases tab to view a list of cases they own, there will be 'New Comment' and 'New Email' columns that have a visual indicator next to each case that indicate there are new Comments or Emails on the Case. The indicator could be a checkbox, or a colored dot, or something similar.

Salesforce appears to have this functionality built-in to some degree:

- For Case Comments, when a new comment is added to a Case through the Self-Service portal or Customer Portal,  there will be an icon at the top of the Case (next to the Case Number heading) that indicates there is a new comment on the case. See below image  - new-comment-email.gif - for example. When a Case Owner views the case, this icon goes away - I have to assume that the act of viewing the case changed the "status" of the comment to make the icon go away.

- For Emails, with email-to-case enabled, when a new email is received and associated with a Case, the email in the Emails related list has a Status of "New". See below image - new-comment-email.gif - for example. When the Case Owner views the email, the Status changes from "New" to "Read". The act of viewing the email has changed the Status value of the email.

I would like to leverage this functionality are create custom Case field "indicators" that I can put on list views. For Case Comments, I would like for the indicator to show new Case Comments made by ANY person, not just Self-Service/Customer Portal users.

Does anyone know how I would acheive this? How can I build a field that indicates the existence of New Case Comments or Emails on Cases?

Any details or advice that you can provide would be greatly appreciated.


-- Rob 


You can probably build a couple of fields like that and populate them using workflows from case comments and email messages.  The hard part, though, is deciding when to consider these "read."  The simplest way to do that is to put a Visualforce page inline on the Case detail page which, if the user is the case owner, sets those fields to "read."

I am trying to make the same functionality work as well. 



I have a field called "Email Pending", which has a picklist of yes and -None- . I added 2 workflow rules, Email Pending and Email Read.
Email Pending looks at the Case:Email Status and if it contains New, It changes this field to Yes.


This works.


Email Read looks at the Case:Email Status and if it does not contain New, it should change the field to -None-.


This is the problem. It does not change the field.

I submitted a case to SF support, but thought I would post here too.


Any Ideas?






The fields are Email Message: Status, etc.




Hmm, I can reproduce that.  It seems as though the email status change does not trigger workflow.


Actually even if it did, your solution wouldn't be exactly correct.  If you had 2 unread emails on a case and you read one, your workflow would trigger your unread emails picklist to None.  You'd actually be better off having a Number field containing the number of unread emails that your workflow increments and decrements.


Hi Rob,


I'm really interested in whether or not you came up with a final solution for the Case Comment & New Email indicator. My users would love to have an indicator in both the case details and in their views. Your idea would be perfect.






Have you found the solution/workaround?