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need a spacer column in a SOQL query (data loader, alias...)

Hello.  I have some automated Data Loader processes that generate CSVs - the CSVs are then processed elsewhere.  A few fields are being removed from one of the processes.  However I'd rather not make all of the changes downstream.  So I want to continue to generate CSVs that have the same number/order of columns - but the values will be constants for the fields that are being removed from SFDC.  Is there a way to do this?  (In standard SQL, I would just create an alias field - SELECT Id, Name, "empty" as Revenue_Qualifier FROM...)


How can I accomplish the same thing in SOQL?  




you can't.
Couldn't you create a field called "empty1", "empty2", etc. with an appropriate default value, not placed on any page layouts, etc.   Sure, it's overhead, sure, it's fugly, but......   the lazy way out...  Steve.  :-)

You should check out a product call Scribe Software. THey have a tool to do exports out and you can do a ton more manipulations to your data the SFDC Exporter. I use it all the time, its great! (www.scribesoftware.com)