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SessionId expiration with Outbound Messaging

I have a following question regarding the Outbound Mesaging functionality that has become available in API 8.0.

When a SessionId is included in the outbound message, what is the expiration period on it?
Is it possible to change it.
Does the session belong to the user that triggered the outbound message?
If the user logs off the system, will the callback be able to use this SessionId?

Basically, in the scenario where the background processing of the request takes long time, do I have to have a separate account for the external application?


The expiration period is the same as the rest of your sessions, and is controlled by the session settings in setup (so anywhere from 30 mins to 8 hours).

The session belongs to the integration user, that is the user you selected as the integration user on the oubound message setup.

You get a fresh session for each message delivery attempt, so even if you've been down for 20 hours, when we next attempt the message, it'll have a fresh session that valid for whatever org settings you have.

To be clear, there is NO relationship between the sessionId in the message and the user that triggered the change.