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Cancel Outbound Message

Is it possible to cancell issued outbound message?

In my particular example. I firedam O/B message which returns the following error:
javax.net.ssl.SSLPeerUnverifiedException: peer not authenticated, and then is queued for next delivery attempt.

I need to remove in from the queue, so no more delivery attmpts are made.

Thank you

No, it'll keep trying until its 24 hours old, then abandon it.
What is the schedule of consequtive attempts. Seems like it the interval between attampts is becoming bigger. Is this documented anywhere?

Also, can any of these this setting be changed (1) message expiration, (2) redelivery attempts schedule
This should be covered in the docs, the retry logic uses an exponential back-off amount, upto a maxium of 2 hours between retries.

No, neither of those can be adjusted.  In an upcoming release you'll be able to manually delete queue items, and force an item for immediate retry from the message queue monitoring page.