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Which comes first - The Assignment rule or the workflow?

Ok, here is a question on which fires first: The Lead Assignment Rule or the Workflow Rule? (through the API) Since we can't use an assignment rule to notify users, I am trying to use the workflow alerts instead. The issue I'm having is that the workflow doesn't seem to be picking up the "record owner" as defined in the lead assignment rule. The assignment rule is being fired correctly, however the workflow notification is unaware of the "record owner" when a new lead is created. Am I stuck with moving all of my assignment rules to the workflow? If so, how can you indicate the sequence of the workflow items being fired? Arrrgh!
Any insight would be appreciated.
The assignment rules should be run before the workflow rules are run. I tried to test this and was not able to reproduce your issue.
How are you creating the lead? What does your lead assignment rule look like and what does your workflow rule look like?