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newbie: ADN tutorial download file incomplete

I"m following the tutorial in Creating On-Demand Applications with AppExhange found on the web.  Chapter 6, p 79 instructs me to dowload a zip file from www.salesforce.com/developer/devguide.  The tutorial states that the zip file contains 3 .csv files:  Positions.csv, Candidates.csv and JobApplications.csv.

In reality, the zip file does not contain the JobApplicants  file.  Does anyone know why?

Also, does this tutorial Recruiting app work for those with Professional  edition?

First about the download.  The JobApplicants table is purely a join table that contains two foreign keys.  The tutorial is incorrect in that it wouldn't serve any purpose to give the data in that table since you don't know the foreign keys until the parent records are created.

The second answer is yes, right up to the SControl part.  You can't exercise the API in professional edition.

Is it just me or is www.salesforce.com/developer/devguide no longer a valid URL? I get the 'page not found' error....

Where did the dowloadable csv data go? Thanks!

Yeah, the URL is now not found. I have logged this with support and hopefully get a reply soon.

The download files are now available at


The PDF needs to be updated!!