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WSDL not being updated


I just added a custom field to the Account Object.  When I download my Enterprise WSDL the new custom field that I just created is not in the wsdl.

Shouldn't the WSDL be updated immediately?  Can someone offer some suggestions?

I don't know this for sure, but it looks like the element is not included in the WSDL unless there is at least one entry with a value for the field.

In my case the field I created was a text filed.  Once I pulled up one Account record and added "xxx" to the field the field presented itself as an element in the wsdl.

Mayb this will be helpful to someone else.
That shouldn't be nessesary, but thanks for the tip.   Its important to generate the WSDL as an admin user to make sure you have visability and rights to all the fields, etc.
That's a red herring, the wsdl generation only looks at metadata, it doesn't look at any data rows, are you sure you didn't have a cached copy first time round ?
I was logged in as Administrator with full priveleges and I also though that maybe I had a cached copy so I also shut down my Browser and then opened a new instance, went back to the site and requested the wsdl again to no avail.

Then I added the data and only then did I see the updated wsdl.  I think I was using Firefox at the time.