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Anyone have a clever way to hide fields in a page layout?

I have some fields placed on a page layout because I need them to be accessible to Professional Edition customers (via the API), but I really don't want the fields to be visible.

Has anyone figured out some way to hide fields from a page layout (without actually removing the fields from the page layout)?

Perhaps one idea might be to use DHTML to set the visibility of an entire section to "hidden"? Or perhaps some other idea to hide fields from the user interface?

Another way that would be slick would be to call the "twistSection(this)" function somehow from within a section so it remains closed.  That would be sufficient, but I'm pulling at straws.
You don't need to put fields on the Page Layout to make them visible in the API.  They only need to be visible in Field Level Security.  Is Professional Edition an exception (when API is enabled) in that you need to have them on the Page Layout because FLS doesn't exist in PE?

I assume you paid extra to get the API enabled in PE because PE doesn't normally have API access.
I'm using the Partner WSDL to access fields in customers' instances of Salesforce (both PE and EE/UE).  It's for the PE customers that I've had to place a number of fields on the page layout, so I can access them via API.  It works fine, it's just not very attractive.

Another idea would be if I could somehow surround the section with a DIV tag and set it to hidden.

BTW, Hemm  I enjoyed meeting you at DF this year... we met at one of the sessions. Good job in the PHP session!

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