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Force.com Toolkit vs. Apex Toolkit? Installing the Force.com Toolkit for Eclipse

In the force.com Cookbook, on page 16, number 5, inside Search Results screen, instead of Force.com > Force.com Toolkit, I got only Force.com > Apex Toolkit.  Is it the same thing?

I followed the instructions 1 through 4 on pg. 16, so I'm confused why I got Apex Toolkit instead. I thought perhaps this was OK, but in the next section on page 17, "Creating a Project in Eclipse," and at number 2, in the Wizards text box, when I typed in Force.com, I got no list in the window. I also tried Apex Toolkit - stll nothing.

Any help will be appreciated. I am using Eclipse SDK 3.2.2.


p.s. I don't know if this is connected, but during installation of selected Force.com and Callisto Discovery Site options, I was prompted for password for the following three files. Not having this information, I skipped them.


Are these files essential for the Force.com Cookbook development projects?

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Hi AR,

Sorry for the branding confusion.  Force.com Toolkit for Eclipse and Apex Toolkit for Eclipse are the same toolkit.

For creating a project, you select New/Other and are presented with a wizard.  Begin typing Apex and you should see the list of creatable things filter down and you should eventually see Apex Project.  This is the project that you want to create from that step.

Thanks, Dave! I'm no longer confused.