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Tab with list of Team Members

We are just starting to configure Salesforce for our organization.  Our organization is set up in teams, with each team headed up by a manager.  My boss wants Salesforce to be able to show a listing of team members when a manager logs into the system.  From there, he wants to be able to either see or drill down to see the activities for each team member.

What is the best way to do this in Salesforce?  Is this normally done based on a list of users?
Thanks so much!
There are multiple ways of looking at this, I suspect you are just looking at modeling your team concept with Custom objects.

If so, then you'd create a couple of objects here - one for the team and another for the members.

You would then be able to create a tab for the team records and under that you would see the members using our standard related list functionality.

Getting the activities is going to be a tricky one though because the system isn't really set up for this and depending on how you have sharing configured across the system and the role hierarchy, i.e. is the "team manager" always above the team members in the role hierarchy?  Maybe the way sharing is enforced is just how you want it.

As you learn more about sharing in the system you'll understand more of what I mean above.

To actually show the activities for the team members across the system you would have a few options I think. First, you could link to an activity report from each member record. Depending on what edition to which  you are subscribed you could write an scontrol that queries the API for the activities and presents it inline. Lastly, and my favorite ;-), would be to utilize visualforce to build this interface which would be the best from a performance and ease-of-building perspective.  Of course visualforce is in developer preview only right now. To learn more about that check out the webinar on Tuesday.

If you want to pursue the scontrol or visualforce routes I highly recommend checking out the force.com cookbook as it has great examples and tutorials to get you started.

Good luck and welcome aboard!
So, Teams and Members should each be custom objects?  We can't just set this up simply based on users and roles?  Thanks so much.
As I said at the start of my last message, there are multiple ways of looking at this. Sure, at the end of the day all you really need is a collection of users and a name for the team. How that data is modeled is dependent on your needs.

I described but one implementation alternative.  If you can model your team with the role hierarchy then go for it.