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New DE accounts - migration of existing package prefixes?

Yesterday's Winter09 Developer Highlights webinar mentioned some interesting new developer account features.  We were advised that we need to sign up for a fresh DE account to receive the new features, because existing DE accounts will not get the new features.  However, if I'm understanding correctly, developers that have already published managed-released packages from existing DE accounts will have a package prefix that is tied to their existing DE org.  That prefix is also intrinsic to the single managed package that is also tied to that org.  As far as I understand it, the tying of the prefix and the managed package to the DE account are key to making the package upgrades work.

So I think this means that existing managed apps cannot be moved to new DE orgs as far as I am aware.  Is there a way for these DE accounts to be upgraded to receive the new DE features?  Otherwise developers of existing managed packages won't have access to the new DE features.  Or maybe there's something I'm missing here?

I too would like information about this. It seems frankly absurd to me that existing DE orgs (which are already locked in due to the NS prefix) cannot simply be upgraded.
Tran ManTran Man
All Developer Editions, whether created before or after the Winter '09 release, will get all the new Winter '09 platform features and enhancements.  You may or may not see Winter '09 platform features in your Developer Edition depending on which instance your Developer Edition is hosted on.  The schedule for the Winter '09 upgrade can be found on

In Winter '09, we made specific enhancements to Developer Edition in terms of features and licenses.  They are only available in Developer Editions created after the Winter '09 release.  These exact enhancements are detailed on the Developer Edition wiki page.
Brendan LallyBrendan Lally
the does not give indication of all of the instances. right now I only see 4 instances coming up 4 maintance and no indication of when upgrades (winter 09) is happening?

so when do I know when MY instance gets changed?

also the features I'll fail 2 get (unless I create a new DE) are:
- Salesforce Partner
- Salesforce Customer Portal
- an increase in licenses

thats it right?