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Products- enable Scheduling Help

What Salesforce is telling me- hopefully can't be true.
Here is what I need to do:

I want to add new products to my opportunity. I go to my opportunity- go to products and select new. I enter my detail and then want to schedule this product. It won't let me, it tells me scheduling is not enabled.

I had gone to my set up- products- scheduling and enabled revenue scheduling. I also tried to enable scheduling for all products, but when I check the box, and go back to look at it- it becomes unchecked.

So...What salesforce is telling me is that I can't tell the system to always enable scheduling, so when I create a new product, I add a schedule right there and I'm done. INSTEAD I have to add my product, save it, then go back to Setup- Customize- Products- Scehduling- Enable Schedule- hit save, go BACK to the product I just created and then put my schedule in.

THere is absolutely no way I can train my sales reps to do all these steps. It doesn't make any sense. Can anyone help or explain???
OK, apparently there is a fix for this. There is a Revenue Scheduling enabled checkbox that was hidden. I now have it on my page layout and when I create a product, I can automatically enable scheduling from the same page! YAY!!!!!!!!

Angieme, thank you so much... you just helped me after several hours of working out how to add a Product in Apex with scheduling enabled! Who would have thought that the 'revenue scheduling enable' checkbox is hidden in field-level security... :)


I now also have enabled via security and am happily on my way to testing the Apex code to create a new product...


Thanks again,



Hi Stephen,


Do you know if there is a way in Salesforce to streamline the Schedule process?  Currently our users have to add a Product then estabalish the revenue in two steps.  It would be good if all of this information was on one page rather than having to establish the revenue separately.


We cannot use the fixed revenue schedule on a product as this will always vary in time frame depending how long an Opportunity runs for.


Any help would be appreciated.





Hi CM - yes it's always an issue! I have heard the same comment several times.


I found this in IdeaExchange: http://tinyurl.com/c8phl6

I think that's what you're looking for so might be worth voting on it! I will do the same...


Other option is to create a custom process to add products/schedules using Visualforce, but this would be significant work - you would need to create pages to

- add new products - you wouldn't be able to use the standard one as this uses the standard opp product page

- add the product and schedule details


Then Apex would use the info on your product/schedule add page to create the records in the background.


I have done work using Apex to programatically create product line and schedule info so this can be done, it's just whether it's worth constructing new Visualforce pages as described above.


Ping me directly if you need any more assistance.





I'm having the same issue.  However even after I found the field level security chexboxes and fixed that.  I'm still unable to Enable quantity/ revenue scheduling for all products and have the checkbox stay checked.  Was there any more steps that you had to go through?