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SSO Single Sign On Help!!!

Hello All,


I am looking to implement SSO for my organization, I need to give an estimate of the level of effort involved here.  Can anyone please provide me with some feedback around how long I can expect this to take either using the native WSDL file of SFDC or using an App like Ping Connect?  I am integrating with our LDAP.  Please help!!! Thanks much!  


I know it's unconventional but if someone who is experienced in SSO would be willing to have a 5 minute phone call I would be forever greatful!


Hi there,


I did try implementation of SSO feature using Delegated authentication and it was successful for one of my clients. I will surely love to share details with you. Basically the effrts will go in customizing LDAP to map with Salesforce user id and the next important point is administration. Administration until the implementation is successful and stable is very important.


The whole process may take 1 month considering one developer working on the project.




Chandrakant M


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This project uses windows LDAP. It may help