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Custom Report and Object

I have created a custom object that has a master relationship with Account.  However I need to create a report that lists Account, Contacts and items from this custom object.  No scenario of creating a custom report seems to give me this information.  Any ideas?

Hi Ben,


unfortunately, you can not create a report type with these objet relationships.


You can include three objects, but only if their hierarchy follows a "straight line":


Object 1


    |---Object 2


              |----Object 3



Your hierarchy looks more like this



              Object 1

                 ^  ^

                 |    |

Object 2--- |    |----Object 3


I hope that makes sense.






Did you ever find a solution to this issue?  I'm dealing with the exact same thing right now, and have yet to find a solution that's reasonable.  Thanks.

Not yet.  I'm headed to Dreamforce next week and I hope to look for assistance.