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Salesforce Trial in my web, creates Trial and Lead

Hello everyone!


I've seen en several Webs, links to obtain trials of SF!








With a small peace of code It's easy to have a trial form embedded in your Web!


But, is there any way to create a lead (with a Web-to-lead) in my Org using this?

Is there any way to create a SF trial and get his data to create a Lead?



Thanks in advance!!!

Are you trying to copy leads of people trying to create an SFDC trial from your site?

mmmm.... yes! Is It possible?!?


Thank you!


Hi Javier - are you a partner?  If so, you can use the synicated content to get shared leads. 


Partners can register for syndicated content such as the 30-day free trial button here:




Click on Register for Content Syndication at the bottom. 


As a general rule we don't condone lifting leads for non-partners.