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Button to Choose new task with Record Type pre-selected

Hi, i am having trouble building a list button that creates a new task that skips the record type selection stage and chooses the task RT I want. Button link is:{!CustomObject__c.Id}&retURL=%{!CustomObject__c.Id}&RecordType=012S0000000Ct8E&


But the new task always goes to the default. Some help much appreciated! thanks.

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I can only get it to produce default task record type. Any help?
OK I have figured out how to pre select the record type but when saving it returns to homescreen, not to the object the task is associated with. Any help?

I want to pull a date into the start date for an event from the custom object it's linked to:




Any help?


How were you able to do this?

Trying to figure this one out.

Which part? I think in the end I made only one record type available so it became a not big issue.

right sorry about that.


Just having a custom task to have the ability to select the Record Type pre-selected.



I tried:{!Account.Id}&tsk5="TestCall"&RecordType=01250000000Pz0k&tsk12="Completed"&retURL=%2F{!Account.Id}


That gave me an error stating that the Record Type does not exist...


From there, I tried to figure out if tsk5 or tsk# could represent the field Task Record Type (from here: but no avail.



tsk5 is the subject. I can't find record of the button with the record type selection... i am looking at other threads i touched...
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