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a local copy of the company's saleforce database


We would like to run a local copy of the database (we have MS SQL server) to extend our report capabilities. Is there anyway to export the data from (sync with it) to create a local replication database?

Thank you in advance.



Hi Betty,

The API provides for data replication.  I believe some partners also have a pre-built offering.  Check with the BlueWolf group for their replication tool.  Here is some documentation on the replication in the API.

"The sforce API supports data replication, which allows you to store and maintain a local, separate copy of your organization's pertinent data for specialized uses, such as data warehousing, data mining, custom reporting, analytics, integration with other applications, and so on. Data replication provides you with local control and the ability to run large or ad hoc analytical queries across the entire data set without transmitting all that data across the network. " from



Thanks for your message. I am new to Can you give me some suggestions about this issue?


Do I need to create a database (myCompanySaleForceDB) in MS SQL server first?

How to export all related objects to myCompanySaleForceDB?


After that, I can follow the �data replication steps� to retrieve the updated data, right?


By the way, did anyone perform this kind of activities in the past and would like to share experiences?


Thank you very much




Hi bettyl,

It's not entirely trivial to set up a database for replication.  Having said that, it's not extremely difficult.  What you need to do is to create a table for each object in that you want to replicate.  You don't have to create all the fields, but just the fields you need for reporting from each object.  The Id field of each object is a primary key.  If you want the relationships between objects defined, you will need to establish those after initially loading the data.

Check out this link to see if there are any in market solutions that meet your needs.


Hi Betty,

I have a solution that might be of some use to you.  Basically it is code that makes look like a linked server to sql server.  If you have any interest, drop me an email at bemerson @

Bill Emerson

Nabamita DeNabamita De
It's a common scenario for the organizations to create a local copy of their Salesforce data or to replicate the data to another Salesforce instance whether for backup or archiving or compliance.
If you are looking for such solution, you may want to have a look in the AppExchange link. (

There's an article on the key functions you can read about ( 
richard harding 1richard harding 1
Hi Bettyl ,

I know it's been a while since your posting. I have developed a tool to replicate your Salesforce data to MySql or MSSQL 
. Contact me if you would like a trial copy. Thanks. 
Carol LoudCarol Loud
Take a look at Skyvia - it allows you to replicate Salesforce data into SQL server. This is a no code cloud service