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WebToLead servlet - disabling retURL

OK, I'm very new to SalesForce and have been trawling the forums and support docs to no avail.

I am submitting an enquiry form using the WebToLead servlet and want to disable the retURL or control the way in which it is opened. i.e. I want to open it as a popup without toolbars and and have buttons that can refer to JS methods in the form page (pref. via window.opener).

If I disable the return page then I can handle everything via the form page itself.

Any suggestions?


Well, if you take out the tag then it won't return to a different URL.

However, what it sounds like is that you want to submit the form from a popup via javascript.

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Note: I don't use web-to-lead and have no idea if this will work...

What about setting the retURL to javascript:window.close()?

And if that doesn't work - a static page on your server that does the same?

Hi everyone,   

TIA, I might have an alternative solution for you here.

There is a free application in the AppExchange called FormVester that lets you generate leads into Salesforce.xom from any of your online forms.

FormVester allows you to use your own existing webforms. No matter how complex your webforms are, FormVester will capture all the information and generate it as a new lead into Salesforce.
The installation is extremely easy, and you will enjoy great flexibility and features that will surely leverage your web-to-lead efforts!

No more constraints due to the default web-to-lead function of Salesforce!


I hope my advice would benefit everyone willing to simplify their web-to-lead at no cost.