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frontdoor.jsp apostrophes and double quotes

I am trying to use the frontdoor url trick to insert some data into the description field of a case. When the text that I am trying to insert contains the escaped version of an apostrophe I get a javascript error but it appears that everything gets inserted correctly. When the text contains the escaped version of a double quote I only get the text up to but not including the double quote. The rest of the text is gone.

Here is a sample url string: Richards%26cas14%3DImages Again%26cas15%3DThere%27s%20a%20lot%20of%20image%20requests

This adds a new case and prefills the Contact Name, Subject, and Description fields. If the browser has script debugging turned on a javascript error is thrown. If the %27 was replace by a %22 (double quote) then the description field would not show any of the text following the word _There_.

Does anyone know how I can resolve these issues?

Off the top of my head...

Try escaping the ' and " with the HTML entities for those... I believe they are ' and " (Pretty sure about the 2nd one, the first is iffy).

Also when you put them in the url you'll need to escape the "&" symbol as %xx (I don't recall the hex value) I believe the ";" will be fine.

One other note: The URL in your post is malformed -- there are 2 "?" delimiters in it. One (correctly) after the .jsp and the 2nd after the retURL parameter before the cas3 parameter. That should be escaped to a %xx as well (I think it's 2F).

Just a thought... Let me know if it works for you tho, might be useful to bookmark

Edit... Well I confirmed my theory on the right HTML entities because the forum ate them and put in the ' and " marks instead... use &(sp)apos; and &(sp)quot; (remove the "(sp)")...

Message Edited by daroz on 04-29-2005 12:19 AM

OK, thanks for the tips. I corrected the escaping of the question mark. and I have successfully been able to use the html encoding for the double quotes as shown in this example:;s%20a%20lot%20of%20image%20requests%20John

But now the html encoding of the apostrophe causes all text after that to not appear:;s%20a%20lot%20of%20image%20requests%20John

Any other suggestions for the encoding of the apostrophe?

Thanks again,

Glad to see you got it further... but my only other suggestion would be to double encode the ' mark...

Something like

(From) There%26apos;s

(To) There%26amp;apos;s

And give that a try... Good luck.

Edit One other thought -- try escaping it with a \ like \' if it still doesn't work. Not sure if the server is parsing it (the jsp) or the client...

Message Edited by daroz on 05-01-2005 11:41 PM