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Mass Case Update

Hello, every one,

I am looking for a way to mass update case Status and leave an audit trail in Comments.

Our needs:
We operate a daily express package route between Los Angeles and Shanghai, and use Salesforce to track our shipments.  Each shipment is treated as a case.  Each case goes thru a same sequence:

1) Receive at departing city warehouse.
2) Delivered to Deaparting Airport.
3) Clear Custom At Departing Airport.
4) Airborne. 
5) Land at destination Airport.
6) Clear Custom At landing airport.
7) Delivered to Landing City Warehouse.

When mass updating the case status, I would like to leave an identical comments in every case, such as "7AM, Shanghai Time, Truck leave for Shanghai Internaitonal Airport, to catch Asiana Flight 202"

Walter Huang



Assuming you have EE, one option (interactive, but very little development effort) would be to use the sforce Connector. You could populate a spread-sheet with a query of cases (using either a salesforce report or a Connector query). Changing the case status would be trivial, and you could insert the note using a few calculated columns.

This is a free solution, but the downside is some manual operations in Excel for each movement. You could automate some of these in Excel, but it gets progressively more complex.

Beyond this, you'll be talking building a Web services application, which involves several choices that are dependent on your situation ... including:
      Choice of platform for execution
      Choice of development language