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sql server question

Is it possible to connect to salesforce through sql serve and manage are data on a real time basis as we were to use toolkits from sforce? If so, how and what would we need?
You can connect to sforce directly via ADO.NET via the connector on sforce.sf.net; there is also a partner product I'm aware of that provides access from directly within SQL Server - I'll see if I can find the detais.

Hi BK,

Are you looking for read or read/write access ?  Also, are you wanting to replicate the tables or do you want "pass-thru" type capability ?

Bill Emerson

thanks guys...did you have a chance to find the partner tool that allows me to connect directly and yes I will need to replicate the data by pulling 9 different salesforce tables nightly using sql sever. can this be done?

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I have a product that allows you to setup SQL Server DTS import jobs that can run nightly and download the tables. You can download this code at www.forceamp.com.

You can contact me at bemerson@forceamp.com

Bill Emerson

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It is easy to set up DTS or other mechanism by using ODBC connectivity to sforce. With this approach you can even take advatnage of SQL Server feature that allows external ODBC compliant tables to appear as if they are part of SQL Server.

You are welcome to download a preview version of the OpenAccess ODBC Driver for Salesforce.com. It is available at:


The preview version allows READ access (SELECT) from Salesforce. It will expose all the objects you have acess to, including any custom objects/fields you have added. Please try it out and give us your feedback.

Using the OpenAccess ODBC Driver for Salesforce allows any application or development tool that is able to access data from databases like SQL Server and Oracle to access your data at Salesforce.com.

OpenAccess Team

Osvald MarkusOsvald Markus
In my opinion, there are two best ways to do it. First one is to do it with help of .NET code, but this way is for gurus. Or just use 3rd-parties connector like Skyvia (https://skyvia.com/), it`s much easier and faster.