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Updating Eclipse Projects

I've just started to use the Force.com IDE within Eclipse and I gather that the 'best' way to update the items in the project is to delete the project and then recreate it from the server. This is in the case where, for example, an application has been uninstalled and I no longer want it to appear in Eclipse.


A 'Refresh from Server' still leaves the components within Eclipse that have now been removed from the server, and then I get prompted to add them again when I would do a 'Deploy to Server'.






I have also faced the same problem. Sometimes it works fine but some times it conflicts and we need to make a fresh copy of the org. In such cases you need not to delete the project from eclipse, you can make a fresh copy of project and keep the old project as backup.


What i do to avoid deleting the whole project from my workspace is to right-click on the project ----> Force.com ----> Add/Remove Metadata Components. Check and uncheck any item, click apply and it will ask you to download the project again.

It's practily the same but dont delete the data from your hard disk it just gets updated.