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Project Management App - What scripting technology to use

I'm a noob programmer so, this may seem like a dumb question. 


I'm trying to assess how I should build my app and if I should use the Force.com builder or another scripting technology to integrate into Force.com.  I'm building a project management app that will have multiple calculations and resource assignments. 


Is there a simple way to assess what the limits of the builder are?  Something like, if you want to build an app with (x) capabilities, then you can use Force.com builder, but if you want to build an app with (y) capabilities, then you should use a different technology.


Additional (though perhaps unnecessary) background:  I have resources who are comfortable scripting in PHP, AJAX, C#, and ASP.NET, and I'm trying to assess if I can just use the native Force.com builder or API, or if the app produced will be too cumbersome.  At the end of the day, users will be entering multiple tasks, assigning resources, and running calculations. 


Thanks for your help!


I would suggest listing all the features you want in your Project Management app. Then review our Getting Started resources to understand the various features of Force.com, there's too many to list. :-)


Hopefully that will help you determine if Force.com is a good match. You can also signup for a free Developer Edition to start prototyping your app.