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OK to delete Object Translation files?

Are the Object Translation files necessary?  I have several that have incorrect picklist values and are failing when I am deploying to production.




From your explaination it looks like you are using the "Eclipse" IDE for the deployment.

We have also used the Eclipse IDE for the deployment and these files are created the IDE, if you check the "Object" file and "Object Translation File" for same object in eclipse...both of them looks same.


So, i think you dont need to have these files while deploying this to production. But, just to be cautious, you can deploy one "object" to the production without "object translation" file. You can also take the back of the file; so in any case if it doesn't work you can restore it.






These files are related to the translation workbench and need to be deployed in case you are using some other languages.  Translations are stored in a file with a format of customObjectName__c-lang.objectTranslation, where customObjectName__c is the custom object name, and lang is the translation language.


please be careful at the time of deployment.


This application will never be used outside that US so English is all that is needed.  I attempted to delete one of the objecttranslation files (via the Force.com IDE) but received a message that it is a standard object and could not be deleted (except locally).


I have also tried to delete the invalid picklist values from the objecttranslation file, save the file, and save to server --- but when I re-open the file, the invalid picklist values are still there!


The Translation Workbench is not enabled --- I'm wondering how these files were ever created?




We are also facing the same problem. Did you found any solution for this problem? If yes then can you please share it with me.


Any help appreciated