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Deploying to Production (in the Force.com IDE) - receiving Record Type error for community

I am trying to deploy from a sandbox to a production org.  One of the problems I am facing is that all of the user profile files are failing with the following error:



   File Name:    profiles/Admin.profile
   Full Name:  Admin
   Action:  NO ACTION
   Result:  FAILED
   Problem: In field: recordType - no RecordType named Question.Record_type_for_community_09aA0000000L4GsIAK_entity_Question found

 I do not see where a record type can be defined for object Question. Help!






Go to the custom object where you want to define record type. Scroll down the detail page and you will find a Record type section.  Click new and create the record type as definded in the sandbox.


Hope this helps.