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CTI Adapter



I am trying to install a CTI adapter for my organization and integrate the telephony system ...I am having an huge problem in solving this...Does anyone has an idea on this.....Any help would be really appreciated...thank you



thank you 





I have used CTI Demo Adapter 2.0 provided by salesforce. Is that what you are using?


If so, Please let me know what issue are you facing.




The demo adapter is just a simulator; it will not integrate to any actual phone system.  It just helps you see what an adapter looks like and what it can do.


Your question is rather nonspecific, so:


If you don't actually have an adapter for your phone system yet:

1.  Search it on the AppExchange to see if there's one on there

2.  If there's nothing on the AppExchange, contact your account executive to find out if there's a partner who supports your telephony platform who is unlisted on the AppExchange.


If you _do_ have an adapter that supports your phone system, then the vendor who sold it to you should be able to help you install it.  The steps in general are the same as installing the demo adapter:

1.  Find the Call Center XML file that came with your adapter, go to Setup | Customize | Call Centers | Call Centers and import that XML.

2.  Set up the call center such that the information correctly reflects your phone system.

3.  Add users to the call center using the Manage Users button.

4.  Install the adapter on the users' machines.


This blog post gives you an overview of what you can do with an adapter.




I installed CTI tooklkit 2.02 from the 


Created the call center , and imported the file CiscoIPCCEnterprise7x.


Now, I can the Tray icon on my desktop.


But I cannot see the call center interface on my webbrowser. My browser is mozilla 3.6 and even installed the plug-ins for it . 


I have 2 questions in particular.


1)Why I cannot see the softphone interface ?


2) How can make a call i.e how can configure my phone to the softphone can i do this ..I have no clue ...


I would really appreciate any further help on this..


Thank you so much werewolf, and surekha....for your help thus far....this my situation.



thank you 



DKN, you are perhaps misunderstanding how CTI integrations work.  I'd strongly recommend you read the blog post I linked to in my last post here.


The CTI Toolkit is an API that allows one to build an integration to a telephony system.  Out of the box, it will not integrate to anything, so your installation of the CTI Toolkit won't help you much.


The Demo Adapter is a simulator built using the CTI Toolkit that shows what a CTI integration can do. does not sell or support any integrations to any specific telephony systems. provides the CTI Toolkit to its partners, and those partners build the integrations.  There are about 80 different phone systems to which partners have built integrations.  These partners can sell you an integration between your phone system and that was built using the CTI Toolkit.



Yes , I completely agree with you.CtI integration has to be done between the and phone system.So, what about the xml file (Cisco) , which i described in the previous reply.Is that an adapter.Sorry, I am completely new to call center functionality and I need to explore this.I really appreciate replies and help.

I have a quick question here, now if I need to make a call to an particular contact then how can i do that, I need integrate and phone system right.And the phone system should be within an call center.CTI integration is already done at the organization level ?


How can fix this, I think i am losing the plot here?




The XML file just describes information that the adapter will need to do its work.  The CTI Toolkit at one point included some sample code for a Cisco IPCC Enterprise adapter, but that has long been deprecated since it applied to an old version of that product and has not been tested since.


I would strongly recommend you contact one of the partners on the AppExchange like SimpliCTI or AMC Technology or Syntellect if you require an integration to a Cisco phone system.



Can you please repost the blog again. Cant find it on Forum anymore. 

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Which Salesforce environment are you currently using? If you don't actually have an adapter for your phone system, check out the Smart CTI connector from NovelVox. Learn about the advanced CTI capabilities and optimization features.

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Hope this helps!!