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recipient of transaction error email



I have a stupid question, but it really bothers me. I am confused that whom is the recipient of error email for different components fra salesforce.

For example, I create a trigger and then I will get the error email if something goes wrong with that trigger. Here the creator is the recipient.


But for workflow, sometime the default workflow user got email instead of the creator. So I would like to ask whom receive the error email for workflow? default user or creator?


I hope someone can explain. We have several business area working in the same salesforce org, so it is really important that we set up the right person to get the email.


Thanks in advance.






Default user will get the email for the workflow.



Mohit Mohan

Developer Support team


Thanks for reply.


We also get some error emails from 'email-to-case', whom is supposed to get the error email? I don't think that there is setup like default user for email-to-case. But one of our system admin got the mail.

prathap raoprathap rao

To what I know of he lase modified Admin who updated the trigger gets the error messages.