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SFDC Admin day to day issues

Hi all,


I am learning SFDC Adminstration, I like to know the day to day issues faced by an admin in SF. Kindly list me some.


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The issues faced by admin depends of the type of practices you have and the number of usersyou have.

If there any policy on data visibility say:-

1.who should see what data

2. who should be able to change data of others

You need to define the complexity of your  organization 's practices and processes then probably someone can outline the issues you may most likely face.


Hope this helps


Hello DRK,


1) Setting Up the Case management as per your Business environment and then using Cases to deal with Issues in supporting your user base.


2) Setting up Access levels/privileges within your ORG.one word is Security Model


3) Customize Your App to match specific needs of your users, like enforcing Validation Rules, creating formulas etc.


Again as said by Ispita, it all depends on the Type Of Business and their Practices.





Thank you for your time to replying.


I was planning to get some information for Health care industry with almost 500 users.

I also like to know, what are challenging tasks faced by the admin for service and sales cloud, if possible with an example please.

what are the challenges faced when doing the UAT?

What challenges are faced with Business user?

what all applications used with SF?