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Automating DataLoader - Setting object reference types

Hello.  I have configured the DataLoader to run from a command prompt a number of times - for automation purposes.  Whenever I execute it, various logging is sent to the command window - then it reaches "Setting object reference types" - and it pauses for several minutes. 

At some point it continues and all is well.  What is the cause of this delay?  How do I avoid it?

I have the same problem. I'm running data loader via command line and executing a very simple statement: extracting one single contact using OOQL (specifying contact id as condition). The operation takes three minutes and the majority of that time is spent with "Setting object reference types".
I enabled the flag to log the requests/response between my client and the server (SOAP) and the logfile is huge! 55 MB of text.
The request that takes most time to the server is "describeSObject" and the object to describe is Contact (I suppose this matches the "setting object reference type" feedback in the console). The request results in an enourmous amount of definitions. It looks like it's downloading every single type definition there is or maybe rather that there is some kind of circular reference becuase how can type defitions amount up to about 50 MB of text?

Is it possible to somehow by misstake create circular definitions in SalesForce data model so that it becomes a recursive loop? Any ideas?
Same problem here... any solutions yet?

Looking through the SOAP trace it seems that the process is doing an Org Wide describe for every object etc... A simple account query is taking over 10 min to return 3 records?

Is there any way to improve or correct the function?

Looks like soap debug messages logging is set to true by default and this creates most of the 'slow' down as it has to log all the traffic. once the logging was set to false the response time was as expected.

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This is my conculsion as well. It seem to me that the DataLoader extracts all type information for all objects at all times which gives quite a lot of overhead. In terms of speed it goes pretty ok as soon as you disable the debug mode and use the compression option for the data beeing transfered.



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Can you pls post how to set 'soap debug messages logging " to false.