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Person Accounts Creation

Hi All,

First time poster long time lurker.

I'm having a little trouble getting my head around person account creation using the API.

basically my client has a B2C website with a registration form offering the option to create a 'personal account' or a 'business account' essentially all the is different between these is that one contains an additional company field on the web form.

Okay so my question is how do I create person accounts or refer to them? I understand that person accounts are still just accounts and contacts sort of squashed together and still exist on their own.

I know how to create an account and related contact for a web registration but that's only the case for a 'business account' rego via the website. If a user decides to create a "Personal account" via the website is it as simple as doing exactly the same as I would for a business account and then just setting the recordtypeid ? Or is it more like writing to fields like Account.PersonFirstName  etc...?

I'm not actually doing the development but someone with just as little knowledge as me is, so any help I can pass on to them would be greatly appreciated.

Thanks guys :)
If you export a Person Account, you should see the fields. There's also a Help page with Person Account fields.

I'd suggest paying attention to the RecordType and the IsPersonAccount fields.
You create an account, specifying a recordTypeId that's a recordType for a person account.
I'm having trouble with this also... Does that mean Simon that you would create an account with the recordtype of person account using the 'recordtypeid' field but then where do I write the contact data?

To the normal contact object ? or to the PersonEmail, PersonLastName fields on the Account object?

Set the recordTypeId, set the contact info on the fields on the account object.
Thanks all for the help :)

I just want to offer one more tip for anyone else who wants to create Person Accounts through the API.

For "Person Accounts" leave the Account.Name field blank, and instead populate the Account.LastName and Account.FirstName fields.  In contrast, for "Business Accounts", do the reverse.