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google gadgets

I am trying to create a google gadget to display company phone list information. I created a simple visualforce page to get the info I need and format it into XML for consumption into the gadget. I can't seem to get a valid response in to the gadget however. I assume it is because you have to log in to get the visualforce page and I don't believe I can get the gadget to do the login. Or maybe I am just doing something wrong. Any suggestions would be greatly appreciated.

Here is the relevant part of my gadget:

<?xml version="1.0" encoding="UTF-8" ?>
<ModulePrefs title="Phone List"
author="Christopher La May"
<Content type="html">
<div id="content_div"></div>
<script type="text/javascript">
 function displayList() {
// XML Phone List data
var url = "https://na5.salesforce.com/apex/test_vf_page";
var prefs = new _IG_Prefs();
_IG_FetchContent(url, function (response) {
if (response == null || typeof(response) != "object" ||
response.firstChild == null) {
_gel("content_div").innerHTML += "<i>Invalid data.</i>";
I believe there are already some Google Gadgets available on the Appexchange today -- perhaps you might find a free one, download it, and see how it handles the authentication.
I know I'm resurrecting an old post, but my quest for Visualforce Gadgets brought me here.
Did these get dropped?  I searched for "gadget" on the AppExchange, came up with two hits -- but neither seem to be a Visualforce gadget.
Where are the gadgets hiding these days?

As far as google gadget is concerned i found the following link


This seems to be a valid google gadget and it seems to be rendered properly, except for the fact that there is no user preferences persistence.


This is how i got it displayed

1. Go to
2. Click "Get it now" -> "production" -> "ok"
3. Sign in
4. Click "Get it now" - Opens up a new tab/window
5. Agree terms and conditions check box -> Install -> Provide password ->
6. Click continue
7. Click next
8. Click install
9. Under package contents section -> Click "Weather"
10. Select the section "HTML body" and copy
11. Click on "Customize" -> "Home" -> "Home Page Components"
12. Under "Custom components" click "New" -> "Next"
13. Enter Name, Select "HTML Area" -> "Next"
14. Paste the contents and save
15. Click "Home Page Layouts" -> "Edit"
16. Select the check box corresponding to the name in 13
17. Click "Next" -> "Save"
18 Go to Home and the widget is displayed


 I would like to know, if there is a better way to add the gadget and render it.


Is there a way to manage user preferences for the gadget.


How could I submit my google gadget to appexchange so that it is available as in the first link.


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