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Opportunity Product record type doesn't exist is there a workaround?

We are a service based company. When we sell a service (product) we can sell it at a Base Fee, Contingent Fee, or Hourly fee. We also have a couple of standard prices. The Contingent fee model is a calculator in which the sales person has to enter client spend, how much of spend the client will save and then how much of that savings we get as our fee. We could also have a base fee.

For example, we could charge a client $20,000 to do data collection and analysis. This could be a Base Fee (one time fee) and we would recognize our revenue on Nov 1 2008. Then we could also have a contingent fee based on the savings. If we save the client 100,000 a month (calculated by taking client monthly spend * savings %) and we get 20% of that, we would get $20,000 revenue. This revenue may not start until May 2009 and would go for 12 months.

I want to be able to utilize forecasting, quotas and products. So, I create a product called Base fee, one called contingent fee and one called hourly fee. (we do re-sale products as well, so I would have some standard product costs). I want the sales rep to create an opportunity for Company ABC. Maybe this is a packaging sourcing opportunity where we will save the manufacturer (our client) money on their packaging. The sales rep would add a base fee product to the opportunity and would also add a contingent fee product to the opportunity. They would have to be separate since they both have different revenue schedules.

The problem is, that when they add 'Base Fee'  product I only want them to see 'Base Fee' fields. When they add 'Contingent' Fee product, I only want them to see Contingent fields. We will possibly have more complex models built as well. I can't have one pagelayout for Opportunity product with Base Fee section, Contingent Fee section, hourly fee section, and other section and rely on our sales rep to fill out just the Base fee portion when adding the base fee product and just the contingent portion when adding the contingent product.

I NEED a record type by Opportunity, but from what I see on the blogs it doesn't exist.

Any ideas on how to get around this?

Hi Angieme,
The only solution would be a Visualforce Pages. This is  not a great but decent solution.
tings to need to be created:
1.Custom Opportunity Product Related List
2.VF page for the OLI Page view mode.
3.VF page for the OLI Page edit mode.
3.Different VF components based on the sections you want to populate the OLI Page. so that you can easily render the sections on the VF page based on the User Profile or based on the product or any specific criteria as per your needs.

1.You need to create a Custom related list on the Opportunity layout to route to the custom VF page for the OLI Page
2. On the OLI VF Page you can render the different sections based on you requirements. this way you can get full control over the data that you show to the reps. 
3. If you want to show different OLI Pages based on the record type of the Opportunity.

make it best answer if you like the solution.