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2 master-detail relationships on a single junction object!

Has anyone used this new functionality from Salesforce.com's Winter 09 release, allowing now to create 2 master-detail relationships on a single junction object? I tried using this and was able to setup the object as well as the relationship fields in SFDC but cannot see this junction object in the Apex Explorer. I am also using Crystal Reports for reporting but this object is also not available within CR. Is this because of the multiple master-detail relationships that this object has? How does multiple relationships affect the objects visibility through the API?
Right, the issue is that you are using an older endpoint in your Apex explorer, and Crystal is probably using an older endpoint too.  Custom junction objects (objects with 2 master details) will only show up in later endpoints, I think 13.0 and up.  In Apex Explorer you can change the endpoint by going to Tools->Options.
Thanks werewolf. I was able to modify the API version in the Apex explorer settings and could see the object!