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Custom Hyperlink field and merge field values

I have created a field on the contact record titled Twitter User Name.  I am now trying to create a hyperlink formula field that will take the user name entered and add it to the Twitter URL and I can't get it to work.  It works great as a custom link but I want to be able to place the URL in the page layout and not in the custom link section.  Any suggestions?

I have tried both of these options

HYPERLINK("", "Twitter Account" )

HYPERLINK("", "Twitter Account" )

You can't just use a merge field inline in a formula field like that -- you have to concatenate together a string.  See my post (third post down) in this thread for an example:
So to be clear, you probably want something like:

HYPERLINK(""&Twitter_User_Name__c, "Twitter Account" )

The & is the concatenation operator.
THis worked great, thank you so much.  I have to ask, is there a way using the same formula to have my new custom field display blank unless there is an entry in the Twitter_User_Name__c field?
chopair -

You might want to look at the IF function - methinks this will give you what you want.

Hope this helps.
I have the same need for another application: appending a custom field to a base URL and make it a hyperlink.

I added a text custom field to Cases and a formula field that concatenates that text field with the beginning of a URL. (I also added the IF just to make it nicer)

My question is: do we have to have two fields to do that? Would it be possible to have a text field that asks for just the Twitter name in editing mode and display the field as the URL to the Twitter page in reading mode?
I'm asking because I don't like having two lines for basically the same information in reading mode and I couldn't really find a way to do that.


You do need 2 fields, but you can set up your layout such that the base field shows only on edit pages by putting it in a section on the layout that is shown only in Edit Mode (this will still pose an issue for inline editing though, fyi).  The formula field will never show itself in edit mode, so you don't have to worry about that.
Can you share teh IF code you used to hide the field if the input text field is blank?
IF( Field__c="","",HYPERLINK(<your stuff here>))
Thanks so much
Thanks for your answer werewolf!

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