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How can I add s-control in News contact page

When I create an opportunity, I want to set name as now date time automatically without inputting anything.
at first I used trigger, but the name field is required. I can not save it without inputting name. but I don't want to input anything on name text box.
then I wrote some script code in a scontrol, which can get and set value in text box.
I can put this scontrol in contact detail page and get some value. but I can not put it in "New Contact" page.

Who can help me that?
Kunlun -

You can't have an s-control on an edit page.  But your trigger should have worked.  According to the order of execution, before triggers are evaluated before required value checks.
Hi Kunlun,

In the Nonprofit Template, they use s-controls behind buttons, so when the user clicks on the "Donation' button, the form to create the new donation (Opportunity) will be displayed pre-populated. I have written any of these s-controls, but I have checked them out in the Nonprofit Template because I was interested in how they work.

This sort of process is described in this link.

- Kim