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email2case with Salesforce Platform user


Does anyone know if I can use Email to Case with a Salesforce Platform user instead of a regular user?

At the moment my user is doing all email to case, which is really frustrating as it makes it look like I'm doing all the work in Salesforce when I'm not.

No, that won't work because Platform licenses don't have cases.  You can make an Email Service though.
Hi Werewolf

Thanks for the quick reply.
I'll have to look into this Email Service thing then

I have at least a similar issue where all of the e-mails are being sent to the user that set it up and we would like them to go to a queue to be assigned after they arrive.  It looks like I could setup a rule to put them there, but I'm not sure how to distinguish them from other e-mails?  I have reviewed the code, but it is not obvious where to do this at this point.  Also, I can't find the package for dependencies.  Any help on this would be great!
Sorry RedFeather, I don't understand your question.  If you want your email to case cases to be assigned to a queue after they arrive, just set up some assignment rules and e2c will run them when the case arrives.  I don't understand what you mean about distinguishing them from other emails.

The problem is that when the e-mails arrive their owner is the user who's user name is in the config file and they would like it to not have an owner, but go to a queue to be assigned an owner.  Does that make sense?



I understand what you're saying.  My point is that this is precisely what Assignment Rules are for.  Have you set up any?  They're in Setup->Case->Assignment Rules.
The way you can identify that a case is being created via Email2Case is to change the case origin for that email address.

Goto Setup > Customise > Cases > Email-to-Case, and for each Routing address change the case Origin.  You can then run Assignment rules based on Case Origin.
Do you know if their is a field in the case that arrives that is the To: field of the original e-mail?  There are multiple email fields and I don't have this running on my box right now to test.
I didn't see your post prior to me sending the last.  Thank you so much!  That is exactly what I'm looking for.  So is the origin the e-mail address?

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Hi RedFeather

The Case Origin is a picklist field, usually has "Email", "Phone", "Web", "Fax".
It is just another Standard Case field that you can match a 'Routing Name' to.

For our setup, I just added extra values to the Case Origin picklist to identify each incoming email address.

For example, add "Service" and "Sales" for your customer service and sales email addresses, then change the 'Case Origin' for the Routing Name in the Email-to-Case section of the Salesforce setup area and you can then run auto-response rules based on Case Origin.
We just got this up and running.  I can't thank you enough for your help on this.

Hello Werewolf,


I am having few users with the Platform Licence. But the issue is that they are unable to send emails from the Activity related list on any object even though they have read/write access to it.


When i change their profile to one which is binded to the normal Salesforce licence, then it works. Does this mean that Platform users cannot send emails??


If that's the case, then it is certainly a big drawback!! 


The error message which comes when they try sending email is "Please contact your administrator for previledges".


Would be great if you can confirm my understanding.


Many Thanks,




Cool_Devloper, your question doesn't really have anything to do with Email To Case, but in any case:


As far as I know platform users can send emails just fine.  There is a "Send Email" permission in the profile that you may have to turn on though.




i have the same error. User with a profile "" cant send emails when i click "send email" in the activties of an custom object. I have enabled full object access. I also have enabled the "activities" and the "email" checkbox in the profile settings.


Do you found an solution for "send emails with platform user"?



Best regards,