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Which tool to use for batch-loading to Salesforce.com?


I'm a complete newbie to Salesforce.com and I have to load large amounts of data to the Salesforce.com database. If it's possible I'd like to avoid developing my own solution using the Apex API.
While searching the net for a possible solution, I stumbled on three tools.
The first tool I found in the Salesforce blog is named "Excel Connector"; unfortunately Excel is not (and should not be) involved in the upload process.
Next, I found "SForce Data Loader" on sourceforge.net and "arlanis Salesforce.com Data Exchange" on arlanis.org. Now, I'm not sure which one of these two tools best fits my needs. Any experiences or suggestions?

Thanks in advance

Sunil NandipatiSunil Nandipati
What is your source database?  Which format is it in?
Thanks for your interest.

The data to load is taken from different sources and prepared for loading ...
In the end there are several files in CSV format to be loaded into Salesforce.
Use the AppExchange Data Loader (one of its many names), you can download it from within the Ssalesforce.com application, goto setup, data management, AppExchange Data Loader.
I worked with Sforce Data Loader and was excited about it's functionality,
especially if I need it for ad-hoc needs.

On the other side, when I had to integrate it in a headless batch processing,
I found some shortcomings:
- it is difficult, to get a bullet-proof concise return code about any accidents, which may happen,
  as shut-down of internet, normal time-out etc.
- I cannot bundle multiple steps in one call
- I always have to deliver mapping rules, even if  (in case of "insert" and "update") the
  correct fields names are delivered in the title line of the CSV input.

So I'm interested, if somebody has experience with the tool from "arlanis.org", mentioned by Adam.

DemandTools from CRMfusion!!!!  Hands down!
I do not intend to spend $5k per year to license DemandTools from CRM Fusion.
Hi Dieter!

Thanks for your detailed description of the pros and cons of the SF Data Loader it is quite helpful.

Indeed, I have to perform several imports (some into custom objects); for me it is no problem at all to get csv-files containing a proper header line, and it seems really painful having to do a manual mapping again to use Data Loader.

Hello, Adam.

Perhaps, you could take a look at Apatar Open Source, a data integration tool that links databases, files and applications. It enables SalesForce.com connectivity to flat files (.CSV, .TXT), MySQL, PostgreSQL, Oracle, MS SQL, Sybase, FTP, HTTP (POST and GET), SugarCRM, Goldmine CRM, XML (local and web-based), Webdav, Buzzsaw, LDAP, Amazon and even Flickr.

Using Apatar's Scheduling function, you can schedule one-time or recurring data transformations. That would allow you to automate data export and import.

You can find online demos that explain how to integrate SalesForce.com with other data sources here: http://www.apatar.com/web_demo.html

For more information, or to download a copy of Apatar, visit http://www.apatar.com

Hope, this tool would help you. Should you have questions, I can be reached through my blog 'Naked Open Source', found at http://www.nakedopensource.com/.

Renat Khasanshyn
Wizard, Apatar Data Integration for Salesforce.com
Sumit KumarSumit Kumar

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