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about 'Maximum Number of Objects Created'

for Create/Update/Upsert/Delete operations there is a limitation. In Apex_API document, it saids:
Maximum Number of Objects Created
Your client application can add up to 200 individual objects in a single create call. If a create request exceeds 200 objects, then the entire operation fails.
I would like to know if this 'Maximum Number' could be changed to other than 200? and How?
Hello Bluetee,

200 is the max, nothing you can do to override it.  Is it problematic to batch your updates in groups of 200?
Hi DevAngel, Thank you very much!
I am just curious about this Maximum limit.
That means I could not call API to change this Maximum Number, right?
If so, could I call a method to get this Maximum Number of a certain customer? Because someone told me that, the Unlimited Edition customer can set up almost anything. If UE user could change this Max Number, or SFDC change the the number in future, then I think is better if I could dynamically get this number on runtime.
Thanks again!
This is not adjustable, and does not vary by edition. For whichever version of the API you're using it'll stay the same, if we decide we need to change, we'd only change it for new API versions, so as not to introduce any problems for existing integrations.
Thanks SimonF! Your reply is very clear!