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How do I identify a null value in a picklist

I am trying to create a Validation rule that says if a text field is null and a picklist field is null. I am using the LEN function for the text field which is working well but I am not sure how to determine if a picklist value is null. AND(LEN(S_N_1__c ) = 0, ISPICKVAL( Reason_for_missing_S_N__c), " ") I tried this but it is not working. Thanks in advance. Kim

So I created the following and did not receive any syntax errors but it still doesn't seem to be working.

AND(ISPICKVAL( Reason_for_missing_S_N__c , " ") ,  LEN(S_N_1__c ) = 0)

ISPICKVAL(Field_Name__c, "")

Note, there's no space in the string, it should just be "" all by itself.

~ sfdcfox ~

Thanks so much for the reply.

I have made a couple of changes including your suggested fix but it is still not working.

AND(ISPICKVAL( Reason_for_missing_S_N__c , ""), ( $RecordType.Name = "RMA2"), LEN(S_N_1__c ) = 0)

It definately seems to be the picklist part of the formula.