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15/18 Saleforce IDs: Can I safely cut off the last 3 digits?

In the communitcation with a salesforce webservice I have trouble with the different length of account IDs. I get 18 digits and want to use 15 digits. The question now is: Is it always safe to cut off the last 3 digits to get the shorter ID? I mean with every ID in the salesforce.com area?

Thanks, Jochen

Message Edited by jochen5478 on 10-31-2007 10:53 AM

Yes. The last 3 characters are generated from the 1st 15 characters and appended to the end...so you can safely remove the last 3 if you're looking for the 15 character ID. Check out the note titled "How do I convert an id from 15 to 18 characters?" in the online help for details. -Tom
Thanks for your answer. This will help us.