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Lock Closed Won Validation Rule

Hi, I need some help created a validation rule in which only 3 user profiles that I define can edit an opportunity after it is closed one.  It would probably use the ISCHANGED command.
 I had created an S-control that over rode the edit button but inline editing conflicts with that and we want to use inline editing.
Thanks in advance for any help.   
It may be possible to have the workflow change the record type.  If so, you can have it change the record type to one that will have a layout with all read only fields for standard users and the regular page layout for the 3 profiles.
Michael is absolutely right, you can create a workflow rule which fires when the opportunity closes. You can create a field update which changes the record type. As record types can control the page layouts on profiles, you can make any control the field editablity by making some of them read-only..