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Calling Webservice



We have configured Axis with Weblogic 8.1 in our Organisation for webservices. Does Salesforce also use Axis for webservices or Salesforce has its own way of calling a webservice which we created using Axis.





Hi Prasuna,


If you have a web service, the Force.com platform can call this directly from Apex Code. Check out this great article for more details.


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I am tryin to invoke an external webservice from apex class.But i am unable to do so.


I have a webservice method which takes two input parameters and returns a output. This webservice was deployed using apache axis and saved with .jws extension. Apache axis automatically generates the WSDL for this webservice.


Now i want to write a client application in my case i want the client to be salesforce.com . Saying that i would like to invoke the above mentioned webservice method from the apex class.


My question is :


How can i invoke that webservice method from apex class as we wont be having AXIS libraries available in the apex class. Please let me know the correct way to do this.


I tried to import the wsdl file of the webservice method that i want to invoke and generated an Apex class from it.


1. How can i Run this client apex class and view the response of the webservice method.

2. Should we create a client stub to make this possible.


Guide us through the correct way of doing this.



Thanks ,




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