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How to retrieve data based on a custom object detail page field value?

Hi All,


I have written the following code to retrieve data based on a field in a custom object page :


Apex Class:


Public class selaff {

 public list<Product_PT__c> values;
 private final Quote__c acct;
 list<Product_PT__c> products ;
// The extension constructor initializes the private member
// variable acct by using the getRecord method from the standard
// controller.
public selaff(ApexPages.StandardController stdController) {
this.acct = (Quote__c)stdController.getRecord();

   Public List<SelectOption> getProduct() {
   List<SelectOption> options = new List<SelectOption>();
   //values =  [select Name, Quote_Id__c, Product_Name__c
    //from Quote__c];
    values = [select Name, Base_Price__c from Product_PT__c where Name =  :System.currentPageReference()

    Integer j = [select count() from Product_PT__c where Name = :System.currentPageReference()

                Integer i=0;
                for(i=0; i<j; i++)
    options.add(new selectoption(values[i].Name,values[i].Name));
    return options;


page code :


<apex:page StandardController="Quote__c" extensions="selaff">
<apex:form ><apex:selectCheckboxes value = "{!products}">
                        <apex:selectOptions value="{!Product}"/>




It is retrieving a blank page as a result. Is this the right way to refer to a value dynamically(as shown in the code with bold font)? Please help me with any other ways to achieve this functionality.