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Able to email old owner and new owner when re-assign a lead?

Is it possible to send an email notification to the old owner and new owner when you transfer a lead?


Thanks in advance.


you can try to create new look up field  to users

then create workflow that will populate it once the lead created, unfortunately it wil only work once, if you change mutiple times you may need a trigger to do it, time based workflwo may not work as it only can not be used every time record is modified. unless there is otehr multiple workflows that will change some parameters in order to trigger it, but then you end up with 10s of different workflows


We had a similar issue with a custom project object. I need to notify the old project owner that someone new had assumed ownership. You can't do a workflow unless you have a very small set of users -- you would need to build a workflow for each possible owner since you can't set a lookup field equal to another lookup field in a workflow. In our case, that was impractical, so we ended up with a very small trigger that just stored the previous owner in a lookup field when the new owner was not equal to the previous owner. Then we were able to build standard workflow that used that field to notify users via email.


It will be a bit more complicated on a Lead since the owner could be a queue.