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Difference between standard CRM and


Can any body tell me that what is the difference between platform and standard CRM platform?


I heard that some of the functionalities and standard objects are not there in To test this I have created two developer accounts with interest ' customization' and ‘ platform’. But I didn’t find any difference. All the standard objects in standard CRM and are same.

There are at least three different things going on in your post, from what I can tell :smileyhappy:

First of all, is built on the platform - they are more or less interchangeable from a technical standpoint.  It's a mere matter of marketing semantics. applies to the infrastructure and codebase that is the foundation for the entire Salesforce solution.  They are enforcing the concept more so because Salesforce can do so much more than CRM nowadays.

Secondly, regarding the functionality situation.  In this case I think you are referring to the Edition in comparison to the standard Editions (Professional, Enterprise, etc.).  In this case, yes there is a difference.  The Edition (or Platform Edition, depending on the marketing materials you have in hand, what day of the week it is and whether or not your sneakers have green stripes) is a standard Enterprise Edition (if you buy in conjunction with a full Enterprise Edition) minus the CRM functionality - so no Leads, Opportunities, etc. (as far as I know).  This Platform Edition is aimed at providing customers with the "platform" on which to build custom applications - for companies that do not so much use Salesforce for the CRM.

And lastly, regarding the Developer Edition accounts you created with interests in customization and platform - again, just another marketing ploy.  Salesforce uses the preferences you set to send you more targeted information via email regarding the topics of interest to you.

Here's more info on the differences between Salesforce Editions.

And here is a bit on the (Platform) Edition.

Hope this helps.
Thanks for the valuable information. It is very helpful for me. But sorry let me ask one more doubt how can I create a app where there won't be objects like Leads, Opportunties etc...
You can create your own objects and base your app off of them.  You could even, theoretically, create your own Leads and Opportunity objects.  But if you really need those objects then you are probably better not getting the platform edition.
Can any body tell me how can I get a trail edition?
I would like to test if a custom appliaction can be installed on it.
I did try to get a trail edition(by using free developer account and 30 days trial). But the one I got was similar to sforce CRM edition.

Talked to SF by phone: our account representative must contact SF to get a edition.


Thanks a lot.