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Using same list for multiple objects

    Is there a way to use the same list over again for multiple objects?

I want three dropdowns.Base Fee 1, Base Fee 2 ad Base Fee 3 all fields within my Price Object I created. I want to have a dropdown (Onetime, hourly, Quarter, Yearly).

So, it is possible to have three types of Base fee's. The user could pick Base Fee 1 (dropdown as Yearly) and then put Base 1 amount, then choose Base Fee 2 (monthly) and put Base 2 amount.

My question is, do I have to create 3 different fields (all have the same dropdown choices) or can I create one Base Fee field and put it on the form 3 times?

Also, can I create Base Fee as an object instead of a field and imbed this within the pricing tab (which is the price object)?

I don't know Apex yet, so I'm trying to do this without Apex.

I'm running into multiple situations where I have a dropdown source that I want to reuse and I can't seem to figure out how to reuse it, especially if it is a large list...

The answer at this point is that there's not a way to share a 'list of values' between picklists.   My understanding is
that this is on the product roadmap for (subject to the usual caveats and Safe Harbor statements)

They say that their platform works just like a relational database, but there are many things that are easy to do in Access that I can't do here...

I'll keep a lookout.

Actually, I think you'd have to do this with a trigger, and APEX code.

To carry the Access thing further, suppose you want several fields in several objects to have the same set of
Multiselect Picklist values, but you want to maintain it from one place:

I'm not sure, but I think it's possible. It's not straightforward, but I believe it can be done. Here's how I'd give it a stab:

I'd create a custom object - call it MetaData. I'm not sure what the 'general purpose' layout should be, but I'd take
a hint from the WSDL of metadata:

1. Log in to the Salesforce application for your test organization.
2. Select Setup ➤ Develop ➤ API to display the metadata WSDL.
3. Right-click Download Metadata WSDL and save a copy of the WSDL.

I'd want to have a place to enter:

Objects Involved:
Multiselect Picklists Involved:
Value Options:

Then, I'd set up an outbound message that would send that information to an external website (probably running
PHP - you'll want PHP5 so you have easy access to SOAP), then I'd use the information passed to update a
Sandbox's metadata, and finally, I'd 'deploy' to production - both of these last 2 operations using the Metadata
API - first published in Spring '08.

This opens the Pandora's box of letting users mess with underlying parameterization. The good is that you could give
the user the option of: "Add A Value To The Pull Down List" - the bad is that if you offer Change & Delete options, then
you have the clean-up operation of old data with "just out-dated" data values, so if they are edited for different reasons,
they'll do something (I'm not sure what, but it's probably 'rude') at Save time. Yes, a trigger could clean it up, but only
a Visual Force page could get interactive and ask, "You just changed 'TR-3' to 'Triumph' - would you like to change all
the data to reflect that value, or some other?"

Message Edited by MyGodItsCold on 06-18-2008 03:17 PM
    Thanks. I wouldn't want the users to be able to change it. If the admin changed one value, then I would want them all changed. I think I will have to play around with this. I'm just learning Apex, so I'm a little new, but to know that it might be possible to do is helpful. There will be multiple scenarios where picklist values might change often and I would want to update all of them and I don't want to have to change 5 picklists, when I could just change one.