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Changes to custom objects in 3rd party App not reflected in Force.com IDE

Hi there,
Apologies if this has been dealt with before (but i'm relatively new to Force.com IDE).
I've installed a free AppExchange application (Quote Line Items by Salesforce Labs). When I "refresh from server" in Eclipse, the application shows up in its own folder for my salesforce developer org project. So far, so good....
I've made changes to some of the s-Controls. I can deploy those changes and, again, everything is fine....
I can make changes (ie add new Custom Fields) to some of the (custom) objects in this application WITHIN THE SALESFORCE BROWSER. However, when I refresh from the server, I do NOT see the changes reflected in *__c.object file (within Eclipse). If I try to make the change the other way around (by modifying the package.xml and *__c.object file, and then click "Save" I then get a message "Cannot add new entity into an installed package" and have to roll those changes back to make everything ok again..
Is there anybody that has experienced the same thing, or someone that can help?

I'm having a similar problem, I've created custom objects on the web but they don't download to the IDE when I refresh froim server on the objects folder.


Is there a setting somewhere in the IDE to tell it to check the custom objects?


- Mike