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Web services and Reports...

       Can we use external web service as a data source to Reports in Salesforce.com and reflect that data run time in
 Reports in Salesforce.com.

Or it needs data to be stored in tables in Salesforce.com and then use it to create various reprorts based on that ..?

Any pointers in this regard will be helpful ..

Thans in Advance .
reports can only be generated from native data in salesforce.com. Many people push data into salesforce.com on a regular basis (e.g. nightly) so that they can have reports that cross data that is managed in salesforce.com with other external data.
hi ,

    Then in case of real time data ..how to handle it in salesforce ?



         Can we create native data using more than on custom table at runtime based on summarization fields selected in reports data using say apex SOQL and then generate report on that native data ?

In detail to say  : -

 I have A & B custom tables (Objects) and I am preparing intermediate third table C based on fields from  A & B.

I am generating report on C and want to fill C table using  A & B data when user select summarization information in report data.

And then generate the report.

Is any way to do same ? Are there any Report API's that can be used to get summarization fileds from report data and use those for data creation before generating report?

Please reply .

Thanks in advance.