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SFORCE DATA LOADER, how to insert and associate opportunities to account automatically


For example,

I have 2 *.csv files: myaccounts.csv, myopportunities.csv with
the data of my old system and without ids,
the way I associated opportunities with accounts was with a field called "account name" in the "myopportunities.csv" file.

Now, i don´t know how to insert this information in salesforce.com with sfoce data loader automatically.

I think the first step i need to do is to insert the "myaccounts.csv" file, but i don´t know which must be the next step ... ( how to insert the opportunities "myopportunities.csv" and associate with accounts in salesforce.com automaticaly )

Thanks a lot.


You are correct about the first step (load your accounts).  When your accounts are loaded, the sForce Data Loader will create a "success" file in .CSV format in a location that you specifiy.  This file will contain your original .CSV plus a new ID column that contains each accounts uniques SFDC ID.

The next step is to get those ID's onto your opportunity.csv spreadsheet.  Since you already have the account name to use as a reference, you can either write a quick program or use VLOOKUP to transfer the IDs. 

Now that you have SFDC account IDs on your opporutunities, you can load them up with the sForce Data Loader.